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Brick and Mortar Joint Repairs

Through years of experience, we are experts in repointing properties and repairing and cleaning brickwork to leave your home looking good as new.

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Catering for all styles and ages of property
Making old properties look brand new
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Cost effective Brick and Mortar Joint Repairs

"Has your brickwork seen better days?"
The British weather can take its toll on your mortar and brickwork, allowing water and dampness to get in, which could lead to bigger problems later down the line.

Exterior brickwork cleaning and repair

We use sensitive, non abrasive, building facade cleaning, repair and repointing solutions to ensure your exterior looks better than ever, once we’re finished.

Remove unsightly stains

You can choose from a complete clean and repair of the outside of your property. Alternatively, we can just fix problem areas, such as staining or water damage from a leaky pipe.

Repair cracks in your walls

Cracks in external walls might not be a sign of something more serious, but over time they could become bigger problems. We can assess your wall and repair any cracks.


Get the 5 Star Service

Our expertise means we can establish the root cause of any cracking to put your mind at ease. We can identify and repair missing mortar and cracks in your walls to restore the look and structure of your property.

Matching bricks and mortar


We want your house to look good as new, so our team of experts knows how to colour match your bricks and mortar.


No matter what the age of your property, we’ll find bricks that match, ensuring all you see is smart, tidy brickwork, giving your house a facelift.


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Repointing and repairing the brickwork on your house is the equivalent of a good coat of paint. Not only will it keep the bad weather out, but it will restore your home’s curb appeal.

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Working with you every step of the way

Our friendly, professional service ensures you understand the cause of the problem and the best way to save your property from any further damage.



Using years of property expertise, we can quickly assess the external walls on your property to identify any problem areas.



We will recommend the best bricks and mortar to repair your home and have it looking good as new. Our cleaning services are also available for that extra finish.



We talk to you every step of the way to ensure you understand the work and how long it’s going to take.



Our expert bricklayers conduct repairs to the highest standards, restoring the structural integrity to your walls, leaving your home looking smart and cared for.

Complete Remedial Solutions

Uncompromising service

"Complete Remedial Solutions did a great job. The whole team was tidy and professional, explaining every step of the process. Thanks to you, our home is dry and warm again. No signs of mould returning."

Mrs K Smith, Swansea

"Our walls were black with mould and everything was wet with condensation, but we didn’t know why until we called Complete Remedial Solutions. The team was fast and efficient, working hard to get the job done. All the worry about our house is gone, thanks to the great work your team did."

Mr B Wallis, South Wales

"Couldn’t be happier with the work carried out by your team. Your inspection revealed failed cavity wall insulation, which was the cause of damp and mould. The team worked incredibly hard to remove everything, but now you can’t see any signs of the work or the problems we had. I’d highly recommend you to anyone worried about damp on their walls."

Mr J Kahn, Cardiff

"A polite, helpful team who went the extra mile to remove all of the faulty insulation, which was causing us a lot of problems. Once we called Complete Remedial Solutions we knew you were experts who would take care of it and you did just that. Can’t thank you enough for restoring our home and taking all the stress away."

Miss A Daniels, Hereford

"Delighted that CRS have sorted out my home! Excellent service and professionalism. Many thanks to the team."

Mrs Adams, Bridgend

"I am extremely pleased remedial service that CRS provided back in January. They were efficient and courteous. No more damp walls!"

Jon Doe, London

"My walls were an absolute mess before CRS turned up. They sorted the damp all all my external walls and were a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended."

Mr Player, Port Talbot

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is just a click away if you need any advice about your brick and joints, but here are some answers to the questions our customers ask most.

  • Why are my walls cracked?
    Older properties often shift over time, with hard winters and hot summers causing expansion and contraction. This can cause cracks. In addition, newer houses also take time to settle, meaning minor cracking occurs. These types of cracks are easy for us to repair.
  • Does my house need repointing?
    If the mortar is crumbling or there are gaps between some bricks, you should consider getting it checked by a professional. If left, gaps in the mortar could let water and cause bigger issues later down the line. We can assess your property and suggest the best course of action.
  • Does my house have subsidence?
    Cracks don’t necessarily mean you have subsidence, which is the downward movement or sinking of the ground underneath your property. Once the ground does start sinking, it can cause cracks to appear in the walls. However, walls crack for number of reasons. After a thorough inspection we will tell you how serious the problem is, offering the best solutions to restore your property to its former glory.
  • Will the repair be visible?
    We will match any bricks on any property to ensure that the repairs will blend in as much as possible. Although, new bricks may look brighter at first, they will soon age to match the rest of your house. Alternatively, you can opt for our cleaning service and spruce up the whole front of your house.