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Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

Cavity wall insulation is an excellent way to prevent heat loss from your property, but if installed incorrectly it can cause serious damage to your home

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Worried about your cavity walls? Talk to the experts.

Failed cavity wall insulation could be causing long-term damage to your home. Don’t leave it untreated. We can assess the current state of your cavity walls and offer advice on the best course of action.

Let us protect your home:

Cavity wall insulation offers many homes the insulation they need, but insulation that is installed incorrectly could cause more harm than good.

We provide in-depth reporting and communication throughout the whole process to help restore your home to a warm, dry and safe state.

Known Insurance Contractor:

We are a Recognised contractor within the insurance industry, we understand the importance of carrying out quality work as a seamless part of the claims process.

What are your walls hiding?

A free inspection of your home by our professional team will reveal any hidden horrors. Failed insulation needs to be removed before it causes any major damage and if suitable we can reinstall the correct insulation.


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Black mould on ceilings and walls or signs of damp could all indicate failed cavity wall insulation. If left, it could reduce the value of your property and cause major structural problems.

Let us protect your home


Don’t wait, give us a call and we will perform expert diagnosis of your cavity walls to find any potential problems.


If your property is insulated, but it still feels cold and damp, that could be a sign of failing cavity wall insulation.


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If suitable, we can also reinstall the correct insulation to the highest standard, helping you save energy and money on your heating bills.

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Working with you every step of the way

Our friendly, professional service ensures you understand the cause of the problem and the best way to save your property from any further damage.



You may not know your cavity wall insulation is failing until you start to see signs of damp, with black mould appearing on the ceiling and walls. We can quickly assess the situation and identify any problems.



Drawing upon 50 years’ experience we can talk you through the options and help you decide what to do next to restore your property.



We are specialists in removing cavity wall insulation, with full accreditation to extract faulty insulation. That’s why we are the first choice of insurers needing a fast and professional job.



Once we have completed the work, we provide you with a BBA approved post extraction report, offering you proof of the extraction and the status of your property.

Complete Remedial Solutions

Uncompromising service

"Complete Remedial Solutions did a great job. The whole team was tidy and professional, explaining every step of the process. Thanks to you, our home is dry and warm again. No signs of mould returning."

Mrs K Smith, Swansea

"Our walls were black with mould and everything was wet with condensation, but we didn’t know why until we called Complete Remedial Solutions. The team was fast and efficient, working hard to get the job done. All the worry about our house is gone, thanks to the great work your team did."

Mr B Wallis, South Wales

"Couldn’t be happier with the work carried out by your team. Your inspection revealed failed cavity wall insulation, which was the cause of damp and mould. The team worked incredibly hard to remove everything, but now you can’t see any signs of the work or the problems we had. I’d highly recommend you to anyone worried about damp on their walls."

Mr J Kahn, Cardiff

"A polite, helpful team who went the extra mile to remove all of the faulty insulation, which was causing us a lot of problems. Once we called Complete Remedial Solutions we knew you were experts who would take care of it and you did just that. Can’t thank you enough for restoring our home and taking all the stress away."

Miss A Daniels, Hereford

"Delighted that CRS have sorted out my home! Excellent service and professionalism. Many thanks to the team."

Mrs Adams, Bridgend

"I am extremely pleased remedial service that CRS provided back in January. They were efficient and courteous. No more damp walls!"

Jon Doe, London

"My walls were an absolute mess before CRS turned up. They sorted the damp all all my external walls and were a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended."

Mr Player, Port Talbot

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is just a click away if you need any advice about removing faulty cavity wall insulation, but here are some answers to the questions our customers ask most.

  • What is the BBA?
    We are fully accredited by the BBA, which is ithe international authority on approved products in the construction industry. This means that the products we use, our installers and systems are inspected and accredited by the BBA, ensuring you can rely on us to use best practice in your home.
  • How is cavity wall insulation removed?
    We drill a series of holes in the mortar line and use air pressure to force the insulation materials down to the extractor. Once the extraction is complete and the cavities are clear, after a thorough investigation, we return your home to its original state.
  • Why does my cavity wall insulation need to be removed?
    Some properties aren’t suitable for cavity wall insulation or if the insulation wasn’t installed properly, damp patches may start to form. It may be that leaking pipes or porous brickwork has allowed water to enter the cavity, causing damp to develop. We can carry out a full assessment and talk you through the next steps to restore your home to its prior condition.
  • How will I know that all the faulty insulation has been removed?
    Once we have removed all the insulation from your cavity walls, we do a complete inspection using cameras. This allows us to see into the cavity and we can provide you with images, so you can see for yourself. And because we are BBA accredited you get the added peace of mind that we are following best practice.