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Damp Remediation

With years of experience our team of trusted specialists offer a range of damp proofing solutions to help you protect your home.

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Cost effective Damp Proofing

Our comprehensive damp proofing services include a site survey to identify the issue and application of a chemical damp proof or membrane, as necessary.

"What causes condensation?"
Condensation can be caused by a number of things. We can investigate the source of your condensation problem and improve ventilation, as well as repairing any damage caused before it becomes a bigger problem.
"What causes mould?"
If you have a damp problem, you may have mould on walls and ceilings or around windows. If you don’t deal with the damp, mould will keep coming back. We’ll find the problem and the solution.

Leaks and blockages

Your damp problem could caused by blocked or broken drains and gutters. Book as in for an assessment of your property and we’ll get to the bottom of any damp issues.

Get the 5 Star Service

A damp home can be a cold and unhealthy one, but our professional team has the expertise to help you restore your property and reduce the risk of long lasting damage.

Expert help for a healthier home


If there is damp in your property it could lead to much more serious issues. Wet walls or windows streaming with condensation often bring mould into, causing damage to your decor, leaving a musty smell and impacting the health of residents.


Don’t let damp take hold, get our experts in to take a look. We can do quick and easy investigations to get to the root of an issue and offer several solutions to a wide range of problems.


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Peeling wallpaper, musty smells and damp walls are all signs of an issue. Don’t leave it unchecked because our team can help.

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Working with you every step of the way

Our friendly, professional service ensures you understand the cause of the problem and the best way to save your property from any further damage.



We will conduct a visual assessment of your property, followed by moisture measurements and analysis for soluble salts. Our expertise means we can nip any damp issues in the bud.



After investigating your property, we will identify the source of your damp issues and recommend the best way forward. We will talk you through all the options.



Our expert team are equipped to offer a range of damp proofing and waterproofing solutions to restore your property to its best condition.



On completion of the job, we will inspect the property to ensure that the work meets our uncompromising quality standards. We are on hand to answer any questions.

Complete Remedial Solutions

Uncompromising service

"Complete Remedial Solutions did a great job. The whole team was tidy and professional, explaining every step of the process. Thanks to you, our home is dry and warm again. No signs of mould returning."

Mrs K Smith, Swansea

"Our walls were black with mould and everything was wet with condensation, but we didn’t know why until we called Complete Remedial Solutions. The team was fast and efficient, working hard to get the job done. All the worry about our house is gone, thanks to the great work your team did."

Mr B Wallis, South Wales

"Couldn’t be happier with the work carried out by your team. Your inspection revealed failed cavity wall insulation, which was the cause of damp and mould. The team worked incredibly hard to remove everything, but now you can’t see any signs of the work or the problems we had. I’d highly recommend you to anyone worried about damp on their walls."

Mr J Kahn, Cardiff

"A polite, helpful team who went the extra mile to remove all of the faulty insulation, which was causing us a lot of problems. Once we called Complete Remedial Solutions we knew you were experts who would take care of it and you did just that. Can’t thank you enough for restoring our home and taking all the stress away."

Miss A Daniels, Hereford

"Delighted that CRS have sorted out my home! Excellent service and professionalism. Many thanks to the team."

Mrs Adams, Bridgend

"I am extremely pleased remedial service that CRS provided back in January. They were efficient and courteous. No more damp walls!"

Jon Doe, London

"My walls were an absolute mess before CRS turned up. They sorted the damp all all my external walls and were a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended."

Mr Player, Port Talbot

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is just a click away if you need any advice about damp, but here are some answers to the questions our customers ask most.

  • What is rising damp?
    Rising damp is when water from the ground travels up the strucuture of your property, where your walls are touching damp ground. Left unchecked, rising damp will lead to rotting skirting boards and floor timbers, as well as peeling paint and wallpaper. Our team of experts can test for rising damp and offer the right treatment for your property.
  • What are the signs of damp?
    All houses get some condensation, caused by breath, kettle steam and showers, but if there is water settling on window sills you may have a problem. Other signs are mould on walls or windows, musty smell on clothes and curtains, as well as dampness on walls. If you’re not sure, we can come and put your mind at rest or identify the problem and put it right.
  • What is damp proofing?
    Damp proofing creates a physical barrier to stop moisture from reaching the timbers in your property, stopping them from rotting and impacting the structure of your home. We can identify rising damp and apply damp proofing treatments, including a damp proof course to protect your home from further damage.
  • Will I need a damp proof course?
    Just because you have signs of damp, it may not mean that you have rising damp. There are a number of causes and solutions for preventing damp. The first step is identifying the problem and our team of experts can do that for you. Once we know what type of damp issue you have, then we will sit down and talk you through all the options at no charge. Call an expert today to put your mind at ease.